What happens to your body when you stop having s€>< for 7 days

What happens to your body when you stop having s€>< for 7 days

More than just fun, having s£× has many health benefits. In addition to fighting the signs of aging, keeping the heart healthy, relieving anxiety and stress, fighting winter aches and reducing pain, regular s£× also helps prevent urinary incontinence. But what happens to our bodies when we stop having s£×?
Due to a bad experience, celibacy, travel, or various other reasons, some people choose to abstain from s£×. But whatever the reasons that push them to deprive themselves of the pleasure, this abstinence can have a direct effect on the health.

Find out the 4 things that happen to you when you stop having s£×:

1 – No more stress
We all know the effect of love on stress and anxiety. Indeed, following the explosion of well-being hormones during s£× and especially during orgasm, the body is more relaxed and more zen. A feeling that helps reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Thus, the lack of s£× deprives us of these benefits. It has also been scientifically proven that the most stressed or « speedy » people are generally those who lack s£×. This is what emerges from a German study carried out by the University of Göttingen on 32,000 people. The team of researchers concluded that to escape this carnal frustration, people become even more socially involved. More specifically, 36% of women and 35% of men who only have s£× once a week, get too involved in their work.

2 – A lack of self-confidence
Self-confidence is essential for having a fulfilling s£×uality. Being at ease in your body and having confidence in your s£×ual capacities are indeed the key to spending intimate moments of happiness. Conversely, making love also helps to gain confidence and to increase self-confidence, elements which condition this feeling.

The more we make love, the more our self-confidence is boosted. A feeling of well-being sets in, you feel more enthusiastic and above all more confident.

3 – High risks of cardiovascular problems
The benefits of s£×ual activity are well established! For the heart, above all, regular s£×ual intercourse helps to strengthen this organ and activates blood circulation. Remember that intercourse is a moderate effort, which can be compared to the energy expended when you climb two floors quickly.

Verdict: S£× is good for the heart, but what about abstinence?

4 – Erectile dysfunctions:
It is well known that after a period of abstinence from s£×, men can have erectile dysfunction. These facts have been corroborated by numerous scientific studies. These confirmed that not having s£× on a regular basis can negatively impact men’s erectile capacities and lead to erectile dysfunction.

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