Superbe soirée de retour à Old Trafford

Superbe soirée de retour à Old Trafford

until it’s all said and done recent forms increased the pressure

i think had his band reduced after it was initially increased it’s an important 22 players take

the knee at old trafford swan may lack some of the glitz and glamour it certainly carries

the importance ilichitch up front whose start tonight duvan zapata the top scorer so off we go robbie and tonight we’re the big players here’s mason greenwood and that’s nicely done to scott mctominay here’s the first chance tonight for marcus rashford should have been the dream star wouldn’t have counted assistance flag was raised after the shot was taken but that’s what manchester united need to do he was just trying to hold his run back on his way two players who know each other well juventus connections demi rao with the challenge on ronaldo it gets a corner ronaldo.

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