How to have a simultaneous orgasm?

How to have a simultaneous orgasm?

How can I cum more than once during $£× ? How do I get a simultaneous orgasm with my partner? I can only cum when my partner stimulates my clitoris …  »

Although orgasm is a natural reaction of the body to intense s£×ual arousal, it does not come as easily as we might think. It requires favorable conditions, both physical and psychological, which are specific to each woman. For example, some people reach orgasm more easily in a specific s£×ual position, while others are more successful during cunnilingus.

You ask me what it takes to have more than one orgasm during s£×. In fact, it’s hard for me to answer that since every woman is different. It takes a good knowledge of yourself and your body to achieve this, and only you are able to take the necessary steps. Experience, time and letting go are essential allies in this quest for pleasure.

Many ask me, like you, how to achieve an orgasm at the same time as your partner. I have to make one thing clear: it is wrong to believe that simultaneous orgasm is a guarantee of successful s£×. When we dwell too much on this kind of detail, it is quite possible that the orgasm simply does not come. This moment of s£×ual complicity can indeed be satisfying, but don’t make it a requirement. Concentrate rather on the caresses, the increase of your pleasure, the sensations, the chills, in short in the present moment. S£× will be much more satisfying this way than if you put too much emphasis on it.

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